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How Much Does it Cost?

how mush does it cost? that is the million dollar question when it comes to acting and modeling! I get asked this question many times over...and there is not a definte answer...but there is a definte answer on what it shouldn't cost...

Thousands of dollars of acting and modeling classes!! I admit when I was younger I got sucked into the whole John Casablancas modeling school... you know the one that promises you fame and fortune after taking all their the mean time, charging your parents thousands of dollars worth of fees...oh and don't forget thousands of dollars worth of photos. yup, no thank you!!!! Learn from my mistakes don't take the bite!

yes, classes are worth it and there are some amazing teachers and coaches in the industry...but your angent shouldn't force you to fork over thousands of dollars before they will sign you. if an agent want's you they will work with you, even getting you jobs to help pay for headshots !!!! Remember it's their job...they work for you! Agencies don't make money unless you do!

it is normal to pay an agency fee or a web fee when joining, this usually covers administrative fees, as well as web hosting fees. good headshots and pictures should cost a couple hundred dollars, along with a good demo reel. paying more than that is ridiculous ...and a scam!!

getting into this business costs money, just like any business...but be aware, shop around! if it seems to good to be true it probably is! find an agency that is reputable and ask them for referrals first before spending thousands of dollars on pictures and demo reels...and please forget those expensive classes and scout searches you hear advertised on the radio!

if this is an industry you want to get in...the most expensive cost your determination and hard work..!!!

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